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Sun Grove Resort Village (SGRV) is located at 10134 W. Mohawk Ln. in Peoria, Arizona 85382. SGRV is an 86-unit senior living facility that was built in 1985. SGRV's parcel ID is #200-14-008-D and it has 10,801 square footage in 12 buildings on 4.6 acreage. Presently the property is for sale for $4 million.

SGRV was previously owned by 20 investors who received the property from the collapse of the AREI/Oakdale Heights Ponzi Scheme in 2008. The Ponzi Investors were not business people and let the property deteriorate for five years until it was repossessed in late 2013. The former owners of SGRV lost $4.5 million on their Ponzi loss but they also committed many crimes of: false advertising, fair housing violations, elder abuse, and senior financial exploitation in order to keep the property in operation with very little operating monies. The former owners of SGRV allowed a 2005 Medicare Fraud Felon, Scott Green, to mismanage the senior living facility by taking advantage and scamming the SGRV elderly residents until he was fired in August 2012. 

SGRV is a dangerous property that should be destroyed because it is full of toxic mold and it has bad electrical wiring. We wrote President Obama the following letter to stop the June, 13, 2014 Fannie Mae auction:

The auction was canceled. Now SGRV is being sold to recover Fannie Mae's losses though the largest distressed property mortgage company in order to recover part of the $6 million that was loaned on the property in 2006. SGRV's attorney is attempting to block this information that is posted to warn any potential buyer of Sun Grove Resort village to be careful. 

SGRV was Deeded to BLUE VALLEY APARTMENTS, INC. by a Special Warranty Deed on June 16, 2014. 

The sale price of the SGRV was $0. 

The Arizona Corporation Commission has the president of the Blue Valley Apartment, Inc. listed as WILLIAM H. STOLBERG. 

William H. Stolberg is the Director of Commercial Real Estate of OCWEN LOAN SERVICING INC which is the largest non-bank mortgage company in the United States. Ocwen helps to sell distressed real estate properties.

OCWEN FINANCIAL CORPORATION is a huge corporation that was founded in 1988 that employees 11,000 people who provide loan servicing for subprime loans and distressed properties.  Ocwen has many problems of lawsuits and dropping earning as reported by stock report of Ocwen. Currently the company's stock has an F grade and rating to sell.  The Ocwen stock has dropped in the past year from $58.07 a share to the present selling price of $20.60 a share. The lawsuits and settlements against Ocwen totals in the billions of dollars. The plaintiffs against Ocwen have a Facebook where they update each other daily on their lawsuits' news. 

Ocwen has hired GRACE MANAGEMENT to handle the daily operations of SGRV. The present manager of SGRV is the Grace Management employee Mike Mednansky. Grace Management specializes in making an under-performing living community profitable. Grace Management is simply a baby-sitter management company that is now running SGRV until the dangerous senior living property is sold. 


Fannie Mae is attempting to recover its losses through the private market place since its public action was cancelled. The same conditions of toxic mold and bad electrical wiring still exists. The improvements are simply cosmetic and the seniors living at the SGRV property are at RISK.

A prime example of the cosmetic improvements was the painting of the SGRV fountain without removing the mold. Now the SGRV fountain has blisters of paint where the mold is growing under the paint. 


Another example was the fact the the water leak in the men's bathroom in the SGRV Clubhouse was just patched up and the toxic mold was not removed. We have confirmed this with a former SGRV employee and the plumber that repaired the water leak. This toxic mold problem was documented by our mold test in our former SGRV apartment #1027. 

The pictures are the SGRV men's bathroom and our SGRV toxic mold problems:

This SGRV toxic mold is BIPOLARIS and DESCHLERA mold which produces liver, kidney, and eye damages. This is TOXIC BLACK MOLD caused by water leaks at SGRV. This toxic mold caused the rejection of Carol Fairall's transplanted liver and the deaths of our three dogs due to liver cancer.

SGRV should should not be sold but it should be destroyed to protect the public because it is a health hazard property. 

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