Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dangerous Mosquito Infestation puts the Elderly at risk at Sun Grove Resort Village in Arizona


Maricopa County Environmental Services Department – VECTOR CONTROL has just completed an inspection of Sun Grove Resort Village (SGRV) on June 19, 2014 and found a dangerous mosquito infestation in this senior living property (Complaint #CC14-13084). On May 20, 2011 SGRV had the same problem (Complaint #CC11-310225) with mosquitoes in a “green pond” at the front office. This is mosquito problem is a continuous dangerous problem at SGRV which puts the elderly living there at tremendous risk.
2011 VECTOR CONTROL REPORT - SGRV'S  Mosquito Problem
2014 VECTOR CONTROL REPORT - SGRV's Mosquito Problem
The most deadly animal in the world is the mosquito because it kills over a million people a year throughout the world. Seniors have the highest risk of severe diseases of meningitis and encephalitis from a mosquito bite. West Nile virus is spread by mosquitoes that live in standing stagnant water. The symptoms of West Nile Virus is fever, headaches, and body aches but it can progress to the inflammation of the brain, inflammation of the membrane around the brain and spinal cord, and paralyzed muscles. Currently there is no vaccine to protect the public from West Nile virus. The CDC suggests using repellent that has “Deet” in it is the key to preventing deaths from West Nile virus. A new mosquito virus called “Chikungunya virus” is rapidly spreading from the Caribbean and it is much more deadly.

SGRV is a senior living property that has been allowed to deteriorate by the owners for the past six years. This was SGRV property was involved in the AREI/Oakdale Heights Ponzi Scheme that defrauded 2,000 investors of $250 million and hurt 23 senior living facilities and the 2,500 seniors. These properties were used to entice the investors as collateral in California largest real estate based Ponzi scheme. SGRV was one of those properties and the 20 investors just lost $4.5 million when they filed for bankruptcy and were foreclosed upon. Fannie Mae just tried to auction this dangerous property on June 13, 2014 but it was not sold because the property is full of toxic mold, has bad electrical wiring, has dangerous property conditions, and it has a roach/mosquito infestation.

We have been reporting the criminal activities and dangerous property conditions at SGRV for nearly five years to the City of Peoria and Arizona Officials but sadly nothing has been done to protect the elderly. The VECTOR CONTROL inspector has just reported that SGRV property has a huge mosquito infestation in the front fountain and throughout the property in standing stagnant water on walkways. It is hoped that Fannie Mae will destroy the 86 unit senior living property in order to protect the public.

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