Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Senior Living Facility SUN GROVE RESORT VILLAGE'S Toxic Black Mold Story

February 23, 2014
Article: #3

NOTE:  Ms. Weinkauf-Donovan and her family were put into SGRV apartment  #1027 after the fire destroyed her SGRV apartment and all her belongings. That was the same apartment as Carol Fairall's SGRV apartment #1027 in October, 2009 which had TOXIC BLACK MOLD.

PICTURE #1: What diseases are cause by Toxic Mold
PICTURE #2:  Carol's SGRV water leak and mold problems
PICTURE #3:  The Water leak and toxic mold
in the SGRV clubhouse
PICTURE # 4:  SGRV's moldy front fountain
kills 500,000 people in the United States every year
PICTURE #7 - Joanne Weinkauf-Donovan
SGRV Elder Abuse and Fraud Victim
Carol Fairall's transplanted liver is rejecting due to her exposure to the SGRV TOXIC BLACK MOLD.
She is scheduled for many surgeries in the next few weeks.
Arizona and Federal Officials (HUD) have ignored our
FAIR HOUSING COMPLAINTS for over four years.
My 12/10/13 Email and Letter to President Obama

December 10, 2013
Dear President Obama:
The problem with governmental jobs is that there is no accountability and the officials escape their poor performances into retirement. We presented this problem to the US Senate - Special Committee on Aging. They have passed our failed 1,500+ day old HUD FAIR HOUSING COMPLAINT #091104058 to be reconsidered by the OIG HUD. We have posted our “The Sun Grove Resort Village Elder Abuse Story (SGRV)” online as directed by the Senate’s Special Committee on Aging.
My wife, Carol, is dying of her transplanted liver rejection because the SGRV senior living facility refused the delivery of her anti-rejection medication, refused to fix water leak and toxic mold apartment problems, and refused to accept two Reasonable Accommodation Requests from us and our attorney because we fought for our and others’ fair housing rights. Our attorney even wrote in his 10/09/09 email to the SGRV stating: “Please instruct Scott Green and staff at Sun Grove that they are not to interfere or interrupt the delivery of Ms. Buck’s (now Fairall) medication. This strikes me as clear bad faith and retaliation.” SGRV even refused the free usage of our properly trained and licensed service dog without the illegal collection of a $450 dog deposit fee.
Chuck Hauptman, HUD’s San Francisco former administrator, improperly closed our Fair Housing Complaint against Sun Grove Resort Village on 05/13/11. Mr. Hauptman failed to contact our supporting witnesses, failed to let the HUD Investigator Catherine Ross Perry finish gathering our evidence, and failed to properly consider our evidence. Mr. Hauptman believed the phony statements of SGRV's felon manager Scott Green and the falsified documentation of Green's accomplice attorney Scott E. Williams. Mr. Hauptman told us that he did not want a legal battle with SGRV’s attorney the last year before his retirement. HUD did nothing to verify our fair housing violations complaint evidence or our 27 witnesses.

We had to hire our private investigator, Jacob Mueller, to document our supporting witnesses’ testimonies before they died. Presently we have documented 66 SGRV elder abuse fair housing cases and 35 of those seniors have died while being ignored by state and federal officials.  HUD's Chuck Hauptman just closed our complaint to clear his desk the day before his vacation. Mr. Hauptman retired on 12/14/12 from a 40+ year HUD governmental career but he should have been fired for his poor performance. Mr. Hauptman’s HUD Region #9 had the worst overall performance in the presently faltering HUD, which is performing at the 10% level that it did in the 90’s. Former HUD Secretaries Henry Cisneros and Jack Kemp did a study in 2009 which concluded that HUD should be stripped of it fair housing enforcement because of its lack of performance.
Thank you for your kind note to Carol on 12/20/12 wishing her well. My wife treasurers your kind words. Carol’s health has gotten much worse and she is unable to do anymore public speaking on preventing elder abuse and fraud. We now write a daily Facebook and Newspaper Articles trying to protect seniors and trying to get better senior protection laws passed. We have a huge following and have received national recognition for being Elder Justice Advocates.
We would appreciate any support you may give us to finally receive the Justice we deserve.
Mark R. Fairall
 cc:  Arizona Senator Jeff Flake
        Member of the Senate’s Special Committee on Aging 


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